Our House in O.C.

One more time we decided to use the Air BNB website to choose our accommodation during our travel. I have explained how it works and told our first experience in Santa Cruz here, and also told how was our stay at George’s home in Santa Monica here.

In Oc, the choice of the place was a little different. We did not know for sure what beach we would like to stay. Huntington, Newport, Laguna and San Clemente are all in the county and has many attractions that attract us.

Newport Map.

Newport Map.

Searching in the website for somewhere cool among these possibilities, I came across with the Linda’s place and completely fell in love with it. The house looked like something out of a summer california dream, beautiful and full of charming details. The hostess seemed polite and concerned about their guests.

But the best was yet to come: the location. The paradise of Linda sits inside another paradise called Balboa Island.

The little artificial island – there is also two more tiny ones – is in the middle of Newport, one of the most fancy seaside communities in California. The island itself is even more exclusive. With a population of 3000 habitants, is one of the most densely populated areas of California. Small houses have stratospheric prices.

The connection is made with the mainland by a bridge on the north side of the island, or by a small ferry on the south.

Balboa Island Brigde.

Balboa Island Brigde.

Ferry to Newport.

Ferry to Newport.

Despite that the daily price slightly exceed our budget, we decided to give us the gift of being part of this place, that seemed to exist only in the movies, for three days.

We arrived at Balboa – I’ll make a post after only about the island, telling details of how this place is cool – around six in the evening of Thursday, August 25, 2011. Linda, the hostess, was waiting for us. Following her instructions, we stopped the car on the street outside the house and went to meet his paradise. The photos speak for themselves.

A fachada da casa e alguns detalhes do quintal.

The house.

A rua da Linda e o quintal da casa.

Streets of Balboa and the patio.

A sala com lareira.

The livingroom with a fireplace.

Linda nos surpreendia nos detalhes. Até plaquinha de boas vindas ela fez pra nós.

How cute this could be?

Nosso quarto: lindo como todo o resto. O colchão, os travesseiros e os cobertores eram perfeitos.

Our room: beautiful, cleen and charming.

O banheiro não fica de fora de todo o cuidado. Adorei os sabonetes líquidos da Bath and Body Works. Comprei um estoque pra minha casa.

The bathroom was also beautiful. I love the Bath and Body Works soaps, I bought a lot for my house after.

Besides a room, Linda also gave us breakfast. Each day she surprised us with something more delicious and comforting. Greek yogurt with berries and walnuts, english warm muffins, wonderful cakes and even a fresh – and warm! –  apple pie – from a nearby bakery. Unfortunately we do not take photos of the breakfast every day, but the care of Linda impressed me. In one of the days, she left early to take bike ride to Huntington – one of his favorite activities – and left all the things ready, with a note with instructions. Totally mom thing!

Linda's note. I love it!

Linda’s note. I love it!

O café da manhã que linda preparou para nós no primeiro dia.

The breakfast that Linda made for us in the first day.

In fact, Linda was the best surprise of our choice. Although in the emails I already realize that she was a very polite and helpful person, I did not expect to feel this connection with her. Since the time we got there, her attention enchanted me. His interest in our history, his patience to hear us speaking in English and the concern to make us informed about everything – she even checked the surf forecast in the paper for us – are some of the things that I can mention and believe that you will receive also choosing to stay with her – have a look at the reviews about her place on the Air BNB. However, the friendship we built, is something I can not guarantee. It’s something that goes beyond facts, comes from the heart.

Nós e a querida Linda.

Us and our dear Linda.

know that you made our trip a little more special and unforgatable. Gilbert and I are very grateful for everything and always think of you. We expect one day to reunit with you for sharing what happened to us since that summer, which as you know, was one of the most special of our life! (I haven’t yet told to the readers of the blog what happens at the end of the trip, will be a surprise!!!) Know that if you ever have the opportunity, you will be very welcome in our home and in our Island, here in Brazil!

I kept in touch with Linda for a long time after the trip, but for some time since, I do not speak with her. I’ll translate this post into English for her.

Linda’s house link in Air BNB: https://www.airbnb.com.br/rooms/70701

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